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City of Mesa Family Advocacy Center

Mesa, Arizona

Functionality and specialized requirements drove this design for victims of crimes.

Housing the Special Victims Unit, the Mesa Family Advocacy Center‘s main function is to serve crime victims and families of the victims. The building contains spaces designed to welcome, calm and comfort victims while their cases are investigated, and services are administered. The facility also offers wellness-focused spaces for officers who confront crime daily to take an emotional and physical break while performing criminal investigations.

Constructed in 1985, this building originally housed multiple medical practices in the two-story medical office building.  When the Mesa Police Department moved into the building, rather than perform a remodel, they moved multiple Department Sections into the existing offices, resulting in a maze of offices squeezed into old exam rooms and nurse stations.

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EMC2 was originally tasked with replacing the air conditioning in the building. During the facility assessment process, the City decided it presented an opportunity to also address the inadequate space planning, finishes, acoustics, and functional limitations of the original spaces. The facility will now provide adequate office space and functionality required to meet the specialized requirements of Special Victims Unit, Homicide, Financial Crimes, and other related specialized units.