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Oakwood Creative Care TI

Mesa, Arizona

An innovative curriculum enhances quality of life.

Oakwood Creative Care’s mission is to enhance the quality of life and spark joy for adults with cognitive and physical challenges through an innovative engagement curriculum.

The facility consists of 4,000 SF inside the City of Mesa’s Red Mountain Multigenerational Center. Existing materials were reused where possible to reduce cost and implement the maximum remodel scope within a small budget.

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The objective of the remodel was to refresh the space with a warmer, less institutional feel. This was accomplished with upgraded floor and wall finishes. High-performance luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, simulating natural wood, was utilized for its durability and aesthetic qualities. This flooring will withstand moving tables and chairs in the new flexible and open space. Accordion partitions were replaced with new wood barn doors, connecting the art room to the main space while maintaining its ability to be secured.

A new Quiet Room was created between the Lobby and Main room. Dimmable lighting as well as sound-proofing reduce sensory input and provide a calming environment. The Art Room was fully enclosed by replacing half-height cabinets with a drywall partition; a large widow maintains visual connectivity.