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On-Call/Select Provider List

On-call project delivery requires an experienced team to deliver sound design solutions.

On-call or open-ended contracts for architectural services usually include a wide spectrum of design services, from small to significant, and from straightforward to extremely complex. These types of projects are not for novices — they require an experienced team that knows where to anticipate challenges and has the know-how to solve problems efficiently so projects stay on schedule and within budget.

EMC2’s team has what it takes to deliver successful on-call projects.

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It Starts With a Good Plan

First, planning begins with thinking of the entire site. We research existing facilities to assess the impact of renovations on building systems, codes, and requirements so systems integrate without delays or hassles.

We create conceptual phasing strategies that provide accurate cost and schedule forecasting. For example, for education projects when we schedule the phases and turnover dates, we look at regular school activities as well as testing dates, after-hours community events, “Meet the Teacher” or curriculum nights that are on the school’s academic calendar.

Time-Sensitive Projects Require Agility & Responsiveness

We’re in constant communication with clients to avoid unexpected delays or disruptions. By limiting unnecessary moves for users within existing buildings, we help maintain a minimum level of disturbance and facilitate concentrated work efforts by the contractor. Coordinating with the facility’s management staff helps us understand business operations to minimize or eliminate disruptions or shut-downs.

Finally, with our expert eyes and a flexible approach, we make sure staff, building users, and guests are safe during construction. For education projects, we separate traffic flow, and completely separate student and worker flow during construction. We work with contractors to help designate specific construction staging areas to minimize site disturbances and aid in maintaining the overall construction schedule.