Responsive & Creative Service

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. (Charles Mingus)

Some projects aren’t as exciting as full-blown, ground-up, brand new, shiny, sleek buildings. In fact, some projects are downright dirty, difficult, and dull. Yet, we’ve found that sometimes the most complicated and constrained projects are the most challenging and rewarding. There’s nothing like figuring out how to transform a closet into a productive workspace. We’ve had to be outrageously creative with some of the small projects we’ve encountered.

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That’s why we don’t back away from tough on-call services contracts. They test our skills and ingenuity, and they make us hone our problem-solving skills. And that’s what you need from an agile and responsive design firm: a team that embraces both mundane and complex with an energy and delivery that keeps projects on track without interrupting your operations.

Most of the on-call or open purchasing agreement cooperatives have a long list of projects, including additions, remodels, renovations, and repairs. We’re accustomed to renovating bathrooms and offices, finding underperforming square footage, and upgrading materials and finishes. From new roofs to updated entries, and from complete building renovation to athletic facility upgrades, our responsive team is prepared to maximize function without breaking the budget.

Sometimes we think we’re at our best when the project is small, tough, and messy. Some of our clients would agree.

Roofing projects are sensitive projects due to safety and weather implications that play a factor in getting them done in a safe and timely manner. EMC2 has done a tremendous job keeping the contractors on schedule, following the specifications, and keeping the district informed.

Jerry Wood, Director of Facilities, Vail School District